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Cemetery of Perdition - Complete Collection (Merchant)

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With more than 30 STL files, you can create a whole place ravaged by the plague of the undead...
Let your imagination run wild and build a cemetery of any size thanks to the modular system and fill it with zombies, tombs, statues and much more!
All files are pre-supported and the fuller elements have been emptied and drilled out to save time and resin.

The bundle includes:

  • 5 Types of Tombstones + Zombie Hand Tombstone 
  • Wooden coffin with shovel
  • Wooden coffin filled with soil
  • Wooden coffin with corpse
  • Stone tomb
  • Broken stone grave
  • Dead body
  • Single Lamp
  • Triple Streetlight
  • Floral Monument
  • Monument with Candles
  • Angel Statue
  • Pile of skulls
  • Gate 3 inch
  • Gate 2 inch
  • Entrance
  • Angular Column
  • Base column
  • Column with Lantern
  • Pedestal
  • Miniature Large Size: Angel of Death
  • Miniature Medium Size: Shadow Fire Wraith
  • Zombie Miniatures:
    a) Zombie with Shovel
    b) Walking Zombie
    c) Zombie in the Land

Commercial use (Merchant License):

Merchants have the right to sell printed versions of the files they purchased. Those who purchase the merchant's licence also have the right to resell any 3D/2D prints of all stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. Merchant Licenses are lifetime. Selling molds, casts made from these miniatures is prohibited. Modification of the files is not allowed even with Merchant License. Reselling of digital files is strictly prohibited.

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Cemetery of Perdition - Complete Collection (Merchant)

2 ratings
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